To define your own application, start with the example app. You can extend it by adding your own resource definitions. A resource will usually have a top-level path with standard CRUD endpoints in the REST API, with a model in the database and other logic implemented in controller and/or worker classes.


Here are items to add/modify for any new resource:

[ ] Component and path definitions in example/openapi/*.yaml [ ] Controller class and init [ ] Model class(es) [ ] Alembic version (database schema extensions) [ ] Role permissions in rbac.yaml [ ] Additions to config.yaml, if any [ ] Any new grants (add to service_config.yaml, Grant schema in openapi.yaml) [ ] Metrics for usage or application status [ ] Unit tests [ ] Any new i18n text strings (backend often won’t need changes) [ ] Blank-database seed records, if any, in db_seed.yaml [ ] Kubernetes resources