Skip the kubernetes / python / React.js learning curve and put your ideas in production!

The APIcrud framework makes it easier to get started on full-stack development of REST-based services, ranging from a simple CLI wrapper for queries of local APIs to full web-scale consumer-facing applications running on kubernetes.

The essential components of a modern full-stack application include a back-end API server, a front-end UI server, a database, a memory-cache and a background worker for performing actions such as emailing, photo uploading or report generation. The challenge of setting up CI testing and microservice deployment is usually daunting; this repo addresses all of those issues by providing a fully-working example you can set up and start modifying in minutes. No prior experience is required.


Out of the box, here are some of the capabilities included in the example application. All “batteries are included” (and tested on GitLab with each version update), with no plugin version-hell mismatches to worry about later.

  • User-account setup, following standard security practices with password lockout and reset via email

  • Single-signon via external OAuth2 / OpenID / Active Directory providers (google, twitter, many others)

  • Encryption-at-rest for credentials

  • Microservice discovery (feature-flagging via announced endpoints)

  • Per-service database schema

  • GeoIP location lookup and map display

  • Customizable per-account grant limits (such as list size, number of contacts)

  • Application and usage-billing metrics, along with a prometheus viewer

  • User-profile and settings screens

  • Authentication by password, LDAP or API key

  • MFA with Google Authenticator

  • Extensible internationalization support

  • Photo and file uploads, with a mobile-friendly photo album

  • Configurable role-based access control for all resource types, with per-object privacy settings

  • Storage and content-delivery support for AWS

  • Messaging via email and SMS

  • Per-user request-rate limiting

  • Trashcan with undelete for most CRUD resources

  • Courtesy warning notice as usage approaches a monthly limit

  • Scalability and fault-tolerance for all services

About the Name

APIcrud is based on the OpenAPI 3.0 standard for RESTful web services. While newer APIs have been developed, such as gRPC (Google) and GraphQL (Facebook), REST remains by far the most widely supported and easiest to learn interface for getting your software deployed. Most capabilities for any application can be defined as resources that are Created, Read, Updated or Deleted.

Technology Stack

This system is built with the following technologies: babel, celery, CloudFront and S3, docker, flask, kubernetes, MapQuest geocoding, mapbox, MariaDB, python 3, RabbitMQ, react.js, react-admin, sqlalchemy, uWSGI.


Software copyright © 2022 by Richard Braun • Apache 2.0